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Founder and director of Aishel. Naftali received s’micha (rabbinical ordination) from Yeshivas Ohr Someach and is a graduate of its prestigious Ohr LaGolah Leadership Training Program. He likewise holds a degree in education and is a successful kiruv (outreach) professional who runs Aishel on a volunteer basis while simultaneously running a finance company.

Naftali Perlowitz

Profesional Advisers

Mrs. Reena Rosenblum
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B.S. B.A. and her husband Shlomo are the house parents and program directors. Reena is a licensed addictions counselor with ten years experience with girls in distress. She founded three successful youth crisis prevention centers.

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Tzippy, aside from having a heart of gold and listenning ear, is also a certified fitness trainer and proffessional massage therapist.
Prior to working at Aishel-Reena's Place, she worked in a Chabad house on campus, programming and hosting hundreds of students.

Tzippy Rothstein
Elisheva Rosenthal

Elisheva has been working at Aishel-Reena's place for 13 years. She specializes in adolescent trauma, and marital issues. Studied psychology in Maalot/ Thomas Edison College,  Fuerstein Institute, and the Refuah Institute and Rabbi Keleman's Mussar Va'adim. She incorporates the Fuerstein method Chassidus, and teachings of Reb Usher, EFT into her practice to empower  teens and help them find meaning in their lives. She is married and lives in Beitar with her family.

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