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Zahava, 20

Experienced verbal and physical abuse when growing up at home, and was consequently placed in a group juvenile home. She was discharged at 18 and sent home. The abuse resumed there, and she was thrown out. Due to the turmoil in her life, she was unable to focus on her studies to become a lab technician. A professional diagnosed her as suffering from trauma, depression and anxiety attacks. After finding her way to Aishel, she received counseling, emotional support and constant encouragement. She is continuing her education and hopes to marry and have her own home one day.

Batsheva, 23

Was raised in a religious home but did not do well in school and bounced from one school to another. Eventually she abandoned religion and sought escape in alcohol. After completing a rehabilitation program, she tried to return to her family but the situation was too tense. She became severely depressed, couldn't perform her duties at her job, and was in danger of relapsing into alcoholism. At that point, she joined Aishel where she received acceptance, love and psychiatric care. She attends on-going rehabilitation meetings, and is slowly getting back on her feet. She has returned to work and is saving up money to rent an apartment of her own.


Grew up in North America, in a home where drug and alcohol abuse were present. After her parents' bitter divorce, she moved to Israel to make a new start. With neither money nor a job, she took the only available accommodation -- sharing an apartment with a group of boys. Aishel provided her with a place to stay, and imbued her with the warmth and love she was missing. We found a school willing to accept her where she is growing spiritually and blossoming into a lovely young lady.

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